Kongsberg Ultimate


Find out why Kongsberg Ultimate is the perfect cutting solution for corrugated and display production.

Growing profits
through unparalleled productivity

Cutting, acceleration, throughput speeds...
The Kongsberg Ultimate brings unparalleled productivity with impeccable quality!

The Kongsberg Ultimate was designed and engineered from the ground up to do one thing well: make corrugated cutting as productive as possible. Every aspect of the table supports that goal:

  • the infinite linear motor drive that brings top acceleration and cutting speeds
  • the new safety system that brings efficiency to production
  • the dedicated tools for continuous corrugated production
  • the user interface that makes set-up smart and fast
  • ready for automation with feeder, stacker and even robotics

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Kongsberg Ultimate

Premium cutting results
through dedicated engineering

Kongsberg Ultimate
The Kongsberg Ultimate has everything on board to guarantee exceptionally precise results, even on demanding corrugated materials.

The innovative traverse beam on our wide-format tables (64 & 66), offers a continuous 50 kg downforce for precise and consistent creasing. This design, paired with the capability to easily handle a 2.5G force, ensures every cut is just as precise as the last.

The Kongsberg PrecisionDrive™ system promises precise motion every time. By integrating an infinite linear, high-torque motor with a rack and pinion setup, your cuts are smooth, accurate, and dependable.

The Kongsberg Ultimate comes with dedicated heavy-duty tooling for corrugated production. This means continuous cutting with diverse capabilities - from cutting to creasing to perforating - all without the hassle of switching tools.

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Quicker ROI
through maximized uptime

With the Kongsberg Ultimate, you can have peace of mind knowing that your operations will run uninterrupted.

Thanks to a drive system design without gearbox, you can expect more productivity between servicing intervals and less downtime. The Kongsberg Ultimate's overall design optimizes  maintenance and breaks. The fewer parts mean less can go wrong, ensuring your Kongsberg table keeps running smoothly.

Built to endure, it guarantees stability for years. Kongsberg’s comprehensive service plans and global service teams ensure rapid response, and with a swift installation process, disruption is minimal.

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Kongsberg Ultimate

Guaranteed workplace safety
with SmartZone™

Kongsberg Ultimate
The Kongsberg SmartZone™ safety solution is an innovative proximity-driven dual-zone system crafted to blend safety and efficiency seamlessly.

Even when operators approach for inspection, the machine adjusts without halting production. It naturally slows down upon first proximity, then pauses production if the operator gets even closer.

Vibrant LED indicators ensure that machine status is discernible from any angle, at any given moment.

Compliant with top-tier safety regulations and enhanced with the tool guard feature, the Kongsberg Ultimate ensures "contactless" production, reducing any risk of physical contact.

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Efficient production
through an optimized user experience

The Kongsberg Ultimate is designed to offer an unmatched and seamless experience for every operator.

The i-cut Production Console 3.0 interface, complemented by easily accessible buttons, simplifies the user's journey, making operations smoother and more intuitive.

Thanks to the SmartZone™ feature, there's no safety cage restricting access. Operators can easily approach the machine from all sides, making loading and monitoring more convenient than ever.

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Kongsberg Ultimate

through efficiency

Kongsberg Ultimate
The Kongsberg Ultimate is designed with the future in mind. Its modularity ensures it's always relevant, adapting to changing business needs.

With a focus on local sourcing, energy efficiency, and reduced waste thanks to features like precision cameras, we're not just meeting sustainability standards, but setting new ones.

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Kongsberg Ultimate