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Aluminum & ACM

Kongsberg tables have powerful tools to produce jobs on aluminum or Aluminum Core Material like Dibond, Red Bond, HiLite.

3kW Milling

The High-Power Milling Unit on the Kongsberg C table and the MultiCUT-HP tool head on the Kongsberg X table allow for milling, contour cutting, routing, drilling and engraving.

It’s suitable for high speed routing in a wide range of materials such as foamed PVS, solid PVC/PS, acrylic, aluminium composite material (ACM), MDF, wood, ...

The 3kW milling spindle offers fast feed rates, which considerably widens the bottleneck that routing jobs often present. The spindle features a 3kW of milling power and speeds up to 60,000 RPM. It is liquid cooled in order to utilize its full power potential.

LubriCool is an option to cool the milling bit and lubricates the routing process. It results in significantly higher productivity and extends the life length of the milling bits for materials such as Aluminum composite Material (ACM) and some aluminum alloys.

High-Powered Milling Unit
Braille Tool

Braille Tool

The Braille Tool enables the application of raised dots used in Braille, the tactile writing system people that are blind or visually impaired. Various government regulations make this tool necessary throughout the world. The Braille tool inserts spheres into predrilled holes in rigid materials.

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