Precision matters

Precision matters in every detail. With the Kongsberg Ultimate, we have ensured every detail meets your highest expectations.

Consistent & reliable cuts

Thanks to the innovative traverse beam on our wide-format tables (64 & 66), you can expect unwavering stiffness and a continuous 50 kg down-force for precise and consistent creasing.

This design, paired with the capability to easily handle a 2.7G force, ensures every cut is just as precise as the last.

Smooth & accurate movement

Our Kongsberg PrecisionDrive™ system promises precise motion every time. By integrating an infinite linear, high-torque motor with a rack and pinion setup, your cuts are smooth, accurate, and dependable.

Efficient & versatile production

With the Kongsberg Ultimate, you have the flexibility of 3 tool positions; 1 heavy-duty position and 2 fast tool positions.

Plus, compatibility with existing Kongsberg C Series tools means there’s no added costs for new tooling.

Stable & long-lasting performance

A strong foundation is key to precision. The Kongsberg steel-constructed tables ensure every movement is steady, guaranteeing accuracy with every cut. Designed to endure, these frames are built to last through continuous production cycles over many, many years.