Designed with the user at its core

The Kongsberg Ultimate is designed with the user top of mind. By integrating a whole slew of user-centric features, we aim to provide an unmatched and seamless experience for every operator.

Intuitive interface

The i-cut Production Console 3.0 interface, complemented by easily accessible buttons, simplifies the user's journey, making operations smoother and more intuitive.

Organized tool management

The Kongsberg Ultimate’s storage module ensures all your essential tools are organized and within reach, streamlining your workflow and reducing setup time.

Open accessibility

Thanks to the SmartZone™ feature, there's no cage restricting access. Users can easily approach the machine from all sides, making loading and monitoring more convenient than ever.

On-the-go adjustments

With strategically placed buttons directly on the machine, operators can make swift adjustments, ensuring continuous and efficient production.


The cutting table has an automatic blade break detection system and notifies the operator immediately. What’s more, the Kongsberg Ultimate also uses intelligent self-diagnostics throughout the system and advises the operator to remedy issues quickly.