Blending safety & efficiency

The Kongsberg SmartZone™ safety solution is an innovative proximity-driven dual-zone system crafted to blend safety and efficiency seamlessly.

Uninterrupted safety

Even when operators approach for inspection, the machine adjusts without halting production. It naturally slows down upon first proximity, then pauses production if the operator gets even closer.

Visibility at all times

Vibrant LED indicators (Red/Green/Orange) ensure that machine status is discernible from any angle.

High-end design

Developed using advanced SICK scanners, it represents the pinnacle of safety technology.

Safety beyond standards

Compliant with top-tier safety regulations and enhanced with the tool guard feature, the Kongsberg Ultimate ensures "contactless" production, reducing any risk of physical contact.

Standard adaptable safety zones

With the SmartZone™ standard zones, all different table configurations are covered and included. The standard zones can be configured to fit any production environment.