Solutions for materials

Wood & Wood Based Materials

Kongsberg cutting tables excel on wood and materials like MDF, laminated materials, plywood, ...

3kW Milling

The High-Power Milling Unit on the Kongsberg C table and the MultiCUT-HP tool head on the Kongsberg X table allow for milling, contour cutting, routing, drilling and engraving.

It’s suitable for high speed routing in a wide range of materials such as foamed PVS, solid PVC/PS, acrylic, aluminium composite material (ACM), MDF, wood, ...

The 3kW milling spindle offers fast feed rates, which considerably widens the bottleneck that routing jobs often present. The spindle features a 3kW of milling power and speeds up to 60,000 RPM. It is liquid cooled in order to utilize its full power potential.

High-Powered Milling Unit
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