Kongsberg X Series

ultimate versatility

The Kongsberg X cutting table evolves with the needs of your company and offers versatility for a wide range of cutting applications, whether your focus is 2D or 3D; packaging, signs or displays.

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Upgrade as you grow.

The Kongsberg X cutting table is easily the most versatile digital finishing device on the market.

With Kongsberg X, you can invest in the tools you need today, with the confidence than you will be able to upgrade as your business grows. You can add new tools for new materials, new applications, or more capacity so that you can add volume and enter new market segments.

Kongsberg X Series
The Kongsberg cutting table for our design team is like a toy. Everyone here knows how to use it and they use it freely for innovation. Whatever idea they have, they design it in the computer and in a few minutes they can have it in real scale, try it and improve it.
Nacho Bautista Ruiz, Co-owner, Cartonlab
Ignacio Bautista Ruiz

Kongsberg X for:

Short Run

For sample making, short run production and other packaging-related tasks
Production on a wide range of materials, with fewer manual tool changes
Extra fast tool loading, auto recognition and calibration
Available with felt or PVC underlay


For signage, packaging or display production
Great quality for any job or application
Ability to add a conveyor system to support automated board & roll feeding
A variety of milling options to match your throughput requirements
Perfect print-to-cut registration, even in cases of heavy distortion and jobs longer than the table


Cutting of flexo plates and patches
Operates back to back with your imaging device, physically and digitally
Fits in a truly tailored workflow defined together with Esko’s Digital Flexo team
Can also be equipped to produce dedicated shipping boxes for your finished plates
Kongsberg X Edge

Let the table grow with your business

The Kongsberg X Edge offers superior quality at an attractive investment level. The Kongsberg X Edge can be upgraded to a full Kongsberg X any time: the cutting table grows with your business!

Find out more about the Kongsberg X Edge

Kongsberg X with MultiCUT-HP
Thanks to Kongsberg PCS, we are able to offer a wide range of materials, thereby gaining a great market advantage and gaining new markets. We were also able to win several new customers thanks to the diversity.
Beat Staudacher-Knusel, CEO & General Manager, Staudacher Offsetdruck
Wide range of materials

Tooling for a wide range of materials

The Kongsberg X cutting table comes with a wide range of specialty tools. These tools offer speed, power and flexibility to handle a wide variety of materials, such as corrugated, folding carton, solid board, foam, coating blankets, wood and a long list of plastics.

High power milling with MultiCUT-HP

Central in considering signmaking equipment is the throughput: how fast can it finish a job? The MultiCUT-HP (High Power) is equipped with a super-strong, water-cooled milling spindle delivering up to three times faster milling speeds.

The 3kW high power spindle is a great choice for shops that need extended milling duty-cycles and/or who work extensively with heavy-duty materials such as thick sheets of acrylic, wood/MDF and aluminum composite material.


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