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Corrugated Materials

Kongsberg cutting tables offer state-of-the-art tools for cutting and creasing corrugated materials (i.e. Micro Flute, E Flute, B-C Flute, Double Wall, Triple Wall...)

CorruSpeed Tool

The CorruSpeed Tool is developed for cutting corrugated board at high speeds without oscillating but brings amazing benefits for cutting textile material as well.

The CorruSpeed operates with a crushing cup, which in combination with controlled down pressure makes it possible to use a drag knife without tearing or cracking the liner.

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Dual Heavy Duty Unit

The Dual Heavy Duty Unit makes it possible to cut, crease and perforate a single job without the need to change tools. There’s no manual operator intervention for tool changes, which means you can save time.

The unique 50 kg crease wheel downforce is unrivalled on double and triple wall corrugated materials. The unit offers best-in-class crease quality, even on materials with a high recycled material content.

A powerhouse for corrugated production

The Kongsberg Ultimate is a brand-new digital cutting table designed specifically for corrugated and display production.

The Ultimate addresses the unique challenges faced by corrugated converters that handle continuous high volume multi-batch production.

Kongsberg Ultimate

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Kongsberg Ultimate

Crease wheels

(60 mm & 150 mm diameter)

The Crease Wheels offers the possibility to crease most corrugated thicknesses.

The medium-size 60 mm (2.4”) wheels also allow for creasing with a higher pressure without cracking the liner, and with a limited over-crease. The 150 mm (6“) diameter crease wheels come with a scoring pressure equivalent to 50 kg.

Crease Wheels
Perforation Wheels

Perforation Tool

The Perforation Wheel pack offers the possibility to produce tear perforations at high speeds for corrugated board up to C flute (4 mm).

VibraCut Knife Tool

This tool is suitable for cutting single and double wall corrugated board and other light-duty fibrous materials, such as corrugated board, soft foam board and corrugated plastic.

It runs at a frequency of 6,000 Strokes per minute and with an amplitude of 0.3 mm. These properties, along with a powerful motor, enable cutting at full table speed with good quality materials.

HF VibraCut

High Frequency VibraCut Tool

This tool is suitable for cutting single, double wall, triple wall corrugated and paper core boards up to 20 mm and other light-duty fibrous materials, such as corrugated board, soft foam board and corrugated plastic. It runs at a frequency of 12,000 strokes per minute and amplitude of 1.2 mm.

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