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Kongsberg cutting tables have dedicated tools to cut rubber, silicone, ejection rubbers (die cuts), ...

Long Stroke Knife Tool

The Long Stroke Knife Tool on the Kongsberg X cutting table gives excellent performance in materials like die ejection rubber, which makes it a perfect match for customers that like to take full advantage of the rubbering module in Esko ArtiosCAD, for instance.

It runs at a frequency of 4,800 Strokes per minute and amplitude of 8 mm. A floating foot is used to keep the material down.

Long Cut Knife Tool
HF VibraCut

High-frequency VibraCut Knife Tool

The High-frequency VibraCut Knife Tool for the Kongsberg C table is a high-frequency reciprocating knife tool for cutting a lot of different materials, such as corrugated board with high-recycled content, soft foam board, rubber, corrugated plastic and fluted core board.

A floating foot is used to reduce material tear and to keep the material down.

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