Built for productivity

For business owners, profits hinge on productivity, and a superior ROI indicates efficient growth. The Kongsberg Ultimate cutting table delivers an excellent ROI by enhancing operations and providing a competitive advantage.

Exceptional performance & precision

With its new infinite linear motor drive, the Kongsberg Ultimate offers up to 2.7G acceleration and top cutting speeds of over 165 m/min. Combined with a custom carbon fiber beam design, it provided a consistent 50 kg of down-force during expansive cuts.

Safety meets efficiency

The Kongsberg SmartZone™ is a proximity-driven dual-zone safety system. It ensures maximum operator safety without ever needing to interrupt your production. Moreover, with a single beam design, we provide seamless cutting, loading, and unloading for enhanced workflow.

Tooling excellence & workflow optimization

Recognized as the industry's pinnacle for cutting, perforating, creasing, and V-notching, the Kongsberg tooling sets the standard. The Kongsberg Ultimate has 3 tool positions that can accommodate four different conversions types so most corrugated jobs will not require any tool change.

The integration of our advanced tool head camera with advances LED light options makes sure material edge and register marks are read without any effort. And of course, MultiZone is available on all Kongsberg Ultimate sizes.

Built to last & grow with you

Kongsberg cutting tables, backed by over 50 years of legacy, are built for longevity, with many customers running their machines for 20 years or more.

The modular design empowers businesses to invest based on their current requirements and easily scale up as their demands evolve.