i-cut Production Console

Prep Station

iPC Prep Station is a standalone version of iPC, it’s not connected to a Kongsberg cutting table. iPC Prep Station can be used for file and job preparation prior to the production process.

Job preparation

Operators can open, check and clean up files, and also create simple layouts and prepare jobs with the correct production presets.

By submitting the prepared jobs into 'hotfolders', they will appear automatically in the iPC job queue, ready for production.


It can also be used to better prepare quoting. Jobs are loaded in the offline job queue and an estimation algorithm makes sure a more accurate quote can be offered to the customer.

Work fast without interruption

iPC Prep Station uses the exact same tooling and mapping presets as the Kongsberg table in production, so job preparation happen even faster but without a need to be around the cutting table in production.

iPC Prep Station for better job preparation, estimation & reduced setup times
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