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Corrugated packaging

Producing corrugated jobs with a high throughput is not something any cutting table can offer.
Kongsberg cutting tables excel in combining power, speed and accuracy, even on the most demanding corrugated materials.

Kongsberg Ultimate: A powerhouse for corrugated production

The Kongsberg Ultimate is a brand-new digital cutting table designed specifically for corrugated and display production.

The Ultimate addresses the unique challenges faced by corrugated converters that handle continuous high volume multi-batch production.

Kongsberg Ultimate
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Powerful tools
for demanding materials

CorruSpeed Tool
CorruSpeed Tool

The CorruSpeed Tool is developed for cutting corrugated board at high speeds and quality without oscillation but brings amazing benefits for cutting textile material as well.

The CorruSpeed operates with a crushing cup, which in combination with controlled down pressure makes it possible to use a drag knife without tearing or cracking the liner.

Crease Wheels
Crease wheels (60mm & 150mm)

The Crease Wheels offers the possibility to crease most corrugated thicknesses.

The medium-size 60 mm (2,4”) wheels also allow for creasing with a higher pressure without cracking the liner, and with a limited over-crease. The 150 mm (6“) diameter crease wheels come with a scoring pressure equivalent to 50 kg – 110 lbs and are sufficient to crease triple and double-wall corrugated with heavy liners.

Automation to Speed up production

For a big boost in productivity, combine your Kongsberg cutting table with a feeder & stacker combo for rigid materials.

The Kongsberg Automate board feeder and stacker is the perfect way to give your business a competitive edge. It’s the optimal solution for short run production on all typical rigid packaging and display materials.

Kongsberg Automation: Board Feeder and Stacker
Robotic Material Handler: Reduce operator time with unattended production

Reduce operator time with unattended production

The Robotic Material Handler is the optimum sheet handling solution for digital finishing companies in the sign, display, folding carton and corrugated markets.

Worldwide service, right around the corner

A Kongsberg table comes with the highest level of service in the market.

A team of highly experienced engineers and a network of certified service partners are dedicated to maintaining production uptime, wherever you are located.

Corrugated packaging

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