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Cutting Flexographic Plates

Kongsberg X Edge cutting tables bring tangible benefits to the production of digital flexo plates.

The benefits of using automatic cutting to streamline flexo plate production!

  • Reduce waste: Automatic cutting of complex staggered patterns and plate patches optimizes the use of flexo material.
  • Eliminate plate damage: Operators do not need to touch plates manually.
  • Put safety first: Your operators no longer need to handle sharp knives: this ensures a safe working environment.
  • Additional versatility: Use the cutting table to produce custom-made shipping boxes to securely package your flexo plates.
Kongsberg X Edge Production for flexo plates
Kongsberg X Edge

The perfect table for flexo plate cutting

The Kongsberg X Edge CAD table is the ideal start of any digital cutting journey. The tried and tested Kongsberg recipe of productivity and flexibility combined with best in class reliability – no compromise.

Step up your productivity by automating manual steps with the Kongsberg X Edge cutting table.

  X20 Edge Production
For flexo plates up to 1200 x 900 mm (48 x 35 in.)
X22 Edge Production
For flexo plates up to 1067 x 1524 mm (42 x 60 in.)
Work area, all tools 1680 x 1270
66 x 50
1680 x 2190
66 x 86
Max. material size 1740 x 1750
68 x 69
1740 x 2570
68 x 101
Max. speed 30
Position accuracy
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Tools for flexo plate cutting

Kongsberg X Edge with FlexiHead

The FlexiHead combines highly accurate cutting with power and robustness even for the most complex and compact materials.

The FlexiHead comes with a lockable foot to prevent the measuring foot from touching the sensitive flexo plates.

Kongsberg X toolhead: FlexiHead
Bevel Knife Tool for Kongsberg X
Bevel Knife Tool for flexo plates

The Bevel Knife Tool for flexo plates is suitable for a 45˚ slanted cut for v-notching or single through cutting. The tool enables high performance cutting of bevelled edges in flexographic plates using the special developed knife blade BLD-SF212.

RM Knife Tool for Kongsberg X
Rigid Material Knife Tool

The Rigid Material Knife Tool is a static knife tool suitable for a wide range of materials at high speed. It’s also perfect to quickly cut corrugated boxes to ship flexo plates.

KissCut Knife Tool for Kongsberg X
KissCut Knife Tool

The KissCut Knife Tool can be used to cut information (such as patch ID) in the very top layer of the flexographic plate.

Fiber Tip Pen Tool for Kongsberg X
Fiber Tip Pen Tool

The Fiber Tip Pen Tool option provides drawing capabilities on materials such as clear vinyl or flexographic plates, which normally cannot be marked with ballpoint or liquid ink pens. Use the Fiber Tip Pen Tool to identify the different patches of flexo so mounting them later on becomes a breeze.

Flexo Drill Tool for Kongsberg X
Flexo Drill Tool for flexo plates

This tool insert consists of an electric drill—which fits in the FlexiHead—and a special drill bit (6.35 mm (1/4 in.) in diameter). Drill power is supplied through the connector for reciprocating tools on the tool head. The drilling tool is provided with an internal motor, which spins the drill bit up to 1,000 RPM.

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5 ways to make money
with a Kongsberg cutting table

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