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A brand-new digital cutting table designed specifically for corrugated and display production. It represents a significant leap forward in technology.

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Kongsberg C

The multifunctional wide digital finisher for signage, display and packaging production

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Kongsberg X

With Kongsberg X, you can invest in the tools you need today, with the confidence that you will be able to upgrade as your business grows

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Tools for a wide range of applications

Bevel Knife Tool

Specially designed for creating v-notch folding lines in solid board materials

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Corruspeed Tool

Developed for cutting corrugated board at high speeds without oscillating

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Dual Heavy Duty Unit

Crease, perforate and cut V-notch and straight lines at high speed

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Fiber Tip Pen Tool

Drawing capabilities on materials such as clear vinyl or flexographic plate

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Foam Cutting Unit

For cutting a large range of foam materials up to 50 mm / 2 inch in thickness

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Suitable for high speed routing on a wide range of materials

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Psaligraphy Knife Tool

Developed for fine details in thin materials like paper and folding carton with special designed knife blades

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Rotacut Tool

Specifically developed for cutting textiles, canvas, mesh and other air transparent materials

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Kongsberg C20 drives creativity and production for ADM.

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Banim builds success on reliability of Kongsberg tables.

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Kongsberg automation delivers continuous production for Bluejet.

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Cartonlab uses Kongsberg table for innovation, creativity & lots of experimentation.

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Data Image

Data Image uses the Kongsberg VariAngle tool to the company’s creativity & productivity.

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The Kongsberg C cutting table, complete with the Kongsberg automated Feeder and Stacker, is part of a strategic plan of Embamat to automate the plant.

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Foto Thun

Foto Thun invested in Kongsberg machinery for consistency, reliability and efficiency – and now offers extended product range to its customers.

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Gasket and rubber specialist Gelria is able to handle more jobs and improve delivery times by introducing Kongsberg cutting tables.

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Packaging and POS specialist MELS Packaging Innovation brings designs to life with Kongsberg table, while automated Feeder & Stacker boosts productivity.

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Volta Belting

Three Kongsberg PCS machines enable conveyor belt specialist Volta Belting to meet demand while extending capabilities.

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Kongsberg cutting tables are the result of over 50 years of technical expertise and innovation.