i-cut Production Console


QuickBox is a optional integrated feature of iPC that allows operators to access the ArtiosCAD standards library and create any box or display in 3 steps.

Get started quickly with a new packaging design or simply produce shipping boxes on demand. Get going with a few clicks, without ever leaving the iPC software.

No CAD skills necessary

QuickBox doesn’t require any CAD design skills. It will prepare the selected design ready for cutting, with the correct tooling presets already linked in iPC.

QuickBox gives the iPC user access to the latest ArtiosCAD standards library, and create a design in a few clicks ready for production.

Ready for production in no time!

Each design created in QuickBox wil open and be ready for production in iPC with the correct material, line types and tooling preset connected.

iPC QuickBox

How does QuickBox work?

Browse the QuickBox library

Browse the QuickBox library, select your design and select your material

Enter the desired dimensions

Enter the desired dimensions of selected design

Apply custom changes

Apply custom changes to the details of the design...

Select built-in parametric options

... or select built-in parametric options

Apply tooling and mapping presets for iPC

Apply tooling and mapping presets for iPC

Instantly start the production of your design

Instantly start the production of your design on the Kongsberg cutting table

Start creating even faster

Integrated directly into iPC
  • Cut files are transferred automatically to the Active Jobs queue. The user is prompted to select both an iPC material and a mapping preset for automated job setup.
Single Wall Corrugated
Flute direction
  • Metadata in the CAD file for flute/grain direction is included for all QuickBox designs and automatically transferred to iPC.
Smooth cut
Line types and mapping
  • All line types are defined in QuickBox designs and are reliably mapped to layer types in iPC. This results in fast and accurate job setup via the use of tooling presets.
Slider Controls
Library options
  • QuickBox parametric designs have a wide range of options and adjustable parameters for every design, which gives a lot of design flexibility.
  • QuickBox includes a wider range of materials.
  • QuickBox designs are mature, proven and reliable.
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