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Protective packaging production

Using protective packaging made of corrugated and foam material reduces the weight of cargo with more than 50% compared to wooden crates. The time to cut and mount a corrugated box with foam inserts normally takes up about 30% of the time it takes to create a wooden container.

Kongsberg cutting tables are well suited to produce protective packaging!

Choose a template and cut

Designing and producing samples is a matter of minutes. A quick turn around time is guaranteed.  It  takes  about 12 minutes to pack an item with the volume of 2 m². These container designs are stored in templates for you to choose from and use or reuse immediately.

Protective Packaging
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5 ways to make money
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Perfect tools
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Worldwide service, right around the corner

When you invest in a Kongsberg table you can expect the highest level of service in the market.

Our highly experienced engineers and a network of certified service partners are dedicated to maintaining production uptime, wherever you are located.

Worldwide service
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5 ways to make money
with a Kongsberg cutting table

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