Kongsberg Ultimate

Engineered for precision
Built for productivity

The Kongsberg Ultimate is a brand-new digital cutting table designed specifically for corrugated and display production. It represents a significant leap forward in technology, addressing the unique challenges faced by corrugated converters that handle continuous high volume multi-batch production.

Unmatched acceleration
and optimum safety

The Kongsberg Ultimate is a game changer for corrugated and display production. The expertly engineered construction of the table delivers precision results at unmatched cutting and throughput speeds: up to 2.7G acceleration and peak cutting speeds of over 165 m/min.

There’s more: the Kongsberg Ultimate is equipped with SmartZone™, a proximity driven safety feature that prioritizes operator safety without hindering production. The way the table is designed also guarantees maximal uptime.

Kongsberg Ultimate
Growing profits
Growing profits

Cutting, acceleration, throughput speeds, … The Kongsberg Ultimate brings unparalleled productivity with impeccable quality!

Premium cutting results
Premium cutting results

The Kongsberg Ultimate has everything on board to guarantee exceptionally precise results, even on demanding materials.

Quicker ROI
Quicker ROI

The way the Kongsberg Ultimate is designed and constructed, guarantees maximal uptime with minimal maintenance.

Guaranteed workplace safety
Guaranteed workplace safety

The Kongsberg SmartZone™ safety solution is an innovative proximity detection system. It blends safety and efficiency seamlessly.

Efficient production
Efficient production

The Kongsberg Ultimate is designed to offer an unmatched and seamless experience for every operator. The intuitive iPC 3.0 interface, complemented by easily accessible buttons, simplifies all operator tasks.


The Kongsberg Ultimate is designed with the future in mind. Its modularity ensures it's always relevant, adapting to changing business needs.

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Kongsberg Ultimate
Dedicated corrugated tools on board

The Kongsberg Ultimate is configured to guarantee continuous production on corrugated and display jobs. With dedicated tool positions for creasing, cutting and perforating, there’s no need to halt production to change out tools.

Kongsberg Ultimate
Upgrade as you grow

The Kongsberg Ultimate cutting table is modular, it grows with your needs: from manual, to semi-automated with a Feeder & Stacker, right up to the pinnacle of automated production with the Robotic Material Handler.

Kongsberg Ultimate
Global service network

Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems has a global network of service engineers, offering peace of mind and maximal uptime!

What can the Kongsberg Ultimate do for you?

As an owner

... you’re looking to execute your vision and values to drive the success of your company. The Kongsberg Ultimate directly supports this by maximizing ROI, maintaining consistent uptime, and offering a modular configuration.

As a production manager

... the Kongsberg Ultimate stands out by its jaw-dropping acceleration of up to 2.7G and over 165 m/min speeds which bring peak productivity. Quick installations, minimal maintenance, a robust support system, and precision-driven features make the Kongsberg Ultimate an invaluable asset for any production floor.

As an operator

... the Kongsberg Ultimate is a game-changer: safety is a priority, intuitive user interfaces make complex tasks easy and the precision is stellar, making you the person that produces perfect jobs, over and over.

Technical specifications

24 44 64 66
Work area 1680 x 3200 mm
66 x 126 in.
2210 x 3200  mm
87 x 126  in.
3210 x 3200 mm
126.4 x 126 in.
3210 x 4800 mm
126.4 x 189 in.
Work area, MultiZone 1680 x 1450 mm
66 x 57 in.
2210 x 1450 mm*
87 x 57 in.*
3210 x 1600 mm
126.4 x 63 in.
3210 x 2210 mm
126.4 x 87 in.
Max. material size w/o conveyor feed 1780 x 3920 mm
70 x 154.3 in.
2310 x 3920 mm
90.9 x 154.3 in.
3330 x 3920 mm
131 x 154.3 in.
3330 x 5520 mm
131 x 217.3 in.
Max. material size w/ conveyor feed 1680 mm
66 in.
2210 mm
87 in.
3210 mm
126.4 in.
3210 mm
126.4 in.
Max. material thickness 30 mm
1.18 in.
Traverse clearance, excl. underlay 50 mm
1.97 in.
Feeder & Stacker production, simultaneous mode n/a
3200 x 1600 mm
126 x 63 in.
3200 x 2200 mm
126 x 86.6 in.
Feeder & Stacker production, sequential mode n/a
3200 x 2200 mm
126 x 86.6 in.
3200 x 2200 mm
126 x 86.6 in.
Machine dimensions, excl. workstation 2880 x 3980 mm
113.4 x 156.7 in.
3410 x 3980 mm
134.3 x 156.7 in.
4430 x 3980 mm
174.4 x 156.7 in.
4430 x 5580 mm
174.4 x 156.7 in.
Machine height (table-top) 1415 (875) mm
55.7 (34.5) in.
Vacuum zones 8

Workstation dimensions 900 x 804 mm
35.4 x 31.7 in.
Workstation height (work-top) 1704 (940-1040) mm
67 (37-41) in.

Max. linear speed (XY) 167.5 m/min (2.8 m/sec)
110 IPS
Max. linear acceleration (XY) 27 m/s2 - 1059 in/s2
26 m/s2 – 1023 in/s2
24.5 m/s2 – 965 in/s2
24.5 m/s2 – 965 in/s2
Max. tooling speed (Z) Heavy-duty tools: 15 m/min   -   0.25 m/sec   -   9.8 IPS
Fast tools: 45 m/min   -   0.75 m/sec   -   29.5 IPS
Max. tooling acceleration (Z) Heavy-duty tools:  8 m/s2   -   315 in/s2   -   0.8G
Fast tools: 22 m/s2   -   866 in/s2   -   2.22G

* Optional equal-zone table-top available for the Ultimate 44: 2210 x 1600 mm (87 x 126 in.)

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Kongsberg Ultimate