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The Kongsberg cutting tables have dedicated tools to cut, v-notch, drill and crease cardboard materials (papercore board, display board, grey board, solid board, ...)

Tools for Papercore Board

e.g. Reboard, BeeLite, Xanita board, FalconBoard, ...

High-frequency VibraCut Knife Tool

The High-frequency VibraCut Knife Tool is a high-frequency reciprocating knife tool for cutting a lot of different materials, such as corrugated board with high-recycled content, soft foam board, corrugated plastic and fluted core board.

It runs at a frequency of 12,000 strokes per minute and amplitude of 1.2 mm. These properties, along with a powerful motor, enable cutting of heavily recycled board at efficient speed.

HF VibraCut
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VI45 for Kongsberg X and VI30 for Kongsberg C

V-notch Tool

For 45° V-notch cutting in triple wall corrugated, corrugated plastic and fluted core board. Its application is to make a 90° partially cut V-notch for folding functionality or a through-cut leaving a slanted cutting edge.

VariAngle Tool

The VariAngle is a unique tool that automatically changes the cutting angle of the knife in increments of 0.5 degrees.

With conventional V-notch solutions operators have to stop the production to change the tools or the blade angle. The new VariAngle Tool lets you run the cutting table without the need of interventions during the production.

VariAngle Tool
Drill Tool

Drill Tool

The Drill Tool is aimed at light-duty drilling in materials such as fluted core board, Honeycomb, soft foam board and triple wall corrugated. Typically, a hole is drilled for the purpose of using special screws to attach shelves or other details in connection with displays, or as a way to close or join panels in heavy-duty shipping containers.

The drilling function is provided by the head rotation control, which spins the tool at about 1,000 RPM.

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7 ways to speed up corrugated jobs
without compromising quality

Tools for display board,
grey board, solid board

e.g. Katz board, Kroma Display board, Eska board, ...

Bevel Knife

Bevel Knife Tool for Solid Board

The Bevel Knife tool is suitable for a 45˚ slanted cut for v-notching or single through cutting.

The Bevel Knife Tool for Solid Board is developed for V-notching of folding lines in solid board (grey board) material using the special developed knife blade BLD-SF245. The purpose is to create an exact, sharp 90˚ fold in materials that cannot be folded with conventional crease tooling.

CorruSpeed Tool

The CorruSpeed Tool is developed for cutting corrugated board at high speeds without oscillating.

The tool brings significant time savings on many corrugated boards, even boards with recycled content. The CorruSpeed Tool works with corrugated board up to double wall BC flutes (7 mm).

The CorruSpeed uses a crushing cup, which – combined with controlled down pressure - makes it possible to use a drag knife without tearing or cracking the liner.

Crease Wheels

Crease Tool

(60 mm)

The 60 mm Crease Wheel offers the possibility to crease most corrugated thicknesses.

The medium-size wheels also allow for creasing with a higher pressure without cracking the liner, and with a limited over-crease.

The optional 60 mm Perforation Wheel pack offers the possibility to produce tear perforations at high speeds for corrugated board up to C flute (4 mm).

Free guide

7 ways to speed up corrugated jobs
without compromising quality

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