Our Commitment to ESG

At Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems, we understand that our operations and decisions impact not just our business but also our planet and its people. Our dedication to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles is at the heart of everything we do. We strive to create a sustainable, equitable, and transparent future for all our stakeholders.

We don't merely discuss it; we actively embody it.

Environmental Commitment

Sustainability in every step

At Kongsberg PCS, we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint through proactive measures in energy usage, material sourcing, waste reduction, and enhancing the recyclability of our materials.

Through these collective efforts, we demonstrate our unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship and our determination to leave a positive impact on the planet. By embracing recyclability and sustainability as core principles, we strive to set a precedent for responsible business practices and inspire others to follow suit.

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Energy efficiency

We’re implementing energy-efficient practices across our facilities to keep on reducing our carbon footprint.

Putting words into action: we’ve made significant progress at our Brno factory in the Czech Republic. Since 2020, we've achieved a remarkable 30% decrease in energy consumption. This achievement speaks volumes about our proactive approach to sustainability and our ability to deliver tangible results.

The reduction in energy consumption at our Brno factory was made possible through a multifaceted approach. We implemented various measures such as optimizing temperature control systems for heating and air conditioning, upgrading to energy-efficient LED lighting, and instilling behavioral changes through education and awareness programs. Additionally, we focused on preventing heat leakage and minimizing energy wastage despite an increase in floor space.

By leveraging innovative technologies and fostering a culture of sustainability, we've demonstrated that it's possible to achieve significant energy savings while maintaining operational efficiency. This success serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship and our determination to lead by example in adopting sustainable business practices.

As we continue to prioritize energy efficiency across all our facilities, we remain dedicated to identifying new opportunities for improvement and embracing innovative solutions that will further enhance our sustainability efforts. Through collaborative efforts and a shared commitment to environmental responsibility, we are making meaningful strides towards a greener, more sustainable future.

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Responsible material sourcing

We prioritize sustainable sourcing, partnering with suppliers who share our commitment to the environment.
Our use of recycled and eco-friendly materials in our products is a step towards responsible consumption and production.

Putting words into action: we strive to incorporate recycled and eco-friendly materials wherever possible, taking deliberate steps towards promoting responsible consumption and production. For instance, as part of our ongoing efforts, we have eliminated plastic from our new products entirely, demonstrating our commitment to reducing plastic pollution and minimizing our environmental footprint.

Additionally, our approach to product design reflects our ethos of sustainability. Our machines are engineered to be extendable and durable, designed to withstand the test of time. By creating products that are built to last, we aim to reduce electronic waste and contribute to a circular economy.

Our emphasis on local sourcing not only reduces transportation emissions but also strengthens regional economies. By sourcing materials locally, we minimize the carbon footprint associated with transportation while simultaneously supporting local businesses and communities. This holistic approach underscores our dedication to sustainability and serves as a cornerstone of our environmental stewardship efforts.

In summary, our commitment to responsible material sourcing is a tangible reflection of our values in action. Through conscious choices in material selection, product design, and supply chain management, we are driving positive change towards a more sustainable future for generations to come.


Embracing recyclability

Our products are designed with end-of-life recyclability in mind, ensuring that our environmental responsibility extends beyond the usage phase.

Putting words into action: in practice, this means implementing a holistic approach to waste management and resource conservation. From small-scale initiatives such as efficient waste separation and recycling to more significant measures like incorporating recycled materials into our packaging and products, we leave no stone unturned in our quest for sustainability.

For instance, we have transitioned to using recycled paper for printing and packaging, reducing our reliance on virgin materials and minimizing our environmental footprint. Additionally, we have introduced disposable waste units for bits and blades in our machines, making it easier for users to segregate and dispose of waste responsibly.

Furthermore, we have implemented a comprehensive recycling program for old computers and other electronic devices, ensuring that these items are properly disposed of and their components reused or recycled whenever possible. Additionally, we actively encourage the return and reuse of crates and packaging materials, reducing the need for single-use packaging and minimizing waste generation.

In our production cycle, we have taken concrete steps to minimize the use of plastics, opting for alternative materials and sustainable manufacturing practices wherever feasible. By prioritizing recyclability and sustainability in our product design and manufacturing processes, we are working towards a more circular economy where resources are conserved, and waste is minimized.


Waste reduction

Through innovative strategies, we have achieved substantial waste reduction in our manufacturing processes.
Our recycling and composting initiatives are key to our waste management approach.

Putting words into action: our waste management approach is anchored by robust recycling and composting initiatives, which play a crucial role in diverting waste from landfills and promoting circular economy principles. By prioritizing these initiatives, we not only reduce waste but also contribute to resource conservation and environmental preservation.

In line with our ethos of walking the walk, we have implemented various measures to minimize waste generation across our operations. For instance, in our quest for a paperless office, we have transitioned to digital documentation and communication systems, significantly reducing our reliance on paper and minimizing unnecessary waste. Additionally, we have eliminated disposable cups from our kitchens, encouraging reusable alternatives and reducing single-use plastic consumption.

Moreover, we have taken proactive steps to reduce the environmental impact of our business travel activities, leveraging technology to facilitate remote collaboration and minimize the need for unnecessary travel. By embracing virtual meetings and remote working arrangements, we not only reduce carbon emissions associated with travel but also enhance efficiency and productivity.

We prioritize waste reduction in our manufacturing processes by designing our machines and software to minimize errors and optimize material usage. By integrating error-prevention mechanisms and quality control measures into our production environments, we ensure optimal use of materials while minimizing waste generation.

We are proud to adhere to the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, which validates our commitment to environmental sustainability and provides a framework for managing and improving our environmental performance. This certification reinforces our dedication to minimizing our environmental footprint and promoting sustainable practices in all aspects of our operations.

Social Commitment

Fostering a culture of inclusivity and safety

The well-being of our employees and communities is paramount. Kongsberg PCS fosters a work environment where diversity, health, and safety are not just encouraged but ingrained in our culture.


Empowering our workforce

Our internal culture thrives on employee satisfaction and engagement.
We are proud to be recognized for our workplace practices that prioritize employee well-being.

Putting words into action: for instance, we offer Employee Assistance programs designed to provide support and resources to employees facing personal or professional challenges. We understand that life can present unexpected obstacles, and we are committed to ensuring that our employees have access to the assistance they need to navigate difficult times.

Furthermore, we foster open and transparent communication through monthly all-hands meetings, providing a platform for employees to voice their opinions, share ideas, and stay informed about company developments. These meetings, both formal and informal, serve as opportunities to strengthen connections and promote a sense of unity within our organization.

We do recognize the importance of regularly assessing and enhancing the work environment to ensure that it remains conducive to employee well-being and productivity. Biannually, we engage in thorough discussions with employees to gather feedback and insights into their experiences. Based on this feedback, we implement actionable steps to address any areas for improvement, demonstrating our commitment to continuously evolving and adapting to meet the needs of our workforce.

In summary, our commitment to empowering our workforce is not just a statement; it is a fundamental aspect of who we are as an organization. By providing support, fostering communication, and prioritizing employee well-being, we strive to create a workplace where every individual can thrive and contribute to our collective success.

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Diversity and inclusion

Diversity is our strength. Our inclusive policies ensure equal opportunities for all employees.
We celebrate our diverse workforce and continuously work towards an inclusive future.

Putting words into action: at the core of our organizational values lies a steadfast commitment to maintaining a workplace free from harassment in any form. We take pride in upholding a strict zero-tolerance policy towards harassment, and we actively strive to translate this commitment into tangible actions.

To ensure that this policy is not just a statement but a lived reality for every member of our team, we prioritize training for all employees and leaders. Through annual training sessions, we equip our workforce with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to recognize and effectively address instances of harassment. By fostering a culture of awareness and accountability, we empower our team members to uphold our commitment to a harassment-free workplace actively.

We understand the importance of providing a safe and confidential avenue for reporting incidents of harassment. That's why we have implemented a dedicated compliance reporting mechanism. This system is designed to ensure that individuals can confidentially file complaints without fear of retaliation or retribution. By safeguarding the anonymity of those who come forward, we foster a workplace culture built on trust, respect, and accountability, where every concern is taken seriously.

Through these proactive measures, we demonstrate our unwavering dedication to creating a safe, inclusive, and respectful work environment for all. Our commitment to putting words into action goes beyond mere policies; it is a reflection of our values and our commitment to upholding the dignity and well-being of every member of our team.


Health and safety standards

The health and safety of our employees are non-negotiable. We adhere to the highest standards in both our offices and factories.
Regular safety drills and stringent protocols are a part of our commitment to our employees' well-being.

Putting words into action: ensuring the health and safety of our employees isn't just a matter of policy; it's a commitment we uphold through actionable steps and continuous improvement initiatives.

We maintain a global EHS focus group with local representatives stationed at each of our primary facilities, facilitating ongoing initiatives. For instance, at our Brno factory, we conduct monthly physical EHS tours throughout the facility to assess safety measures and implement necessary corrections promptly.

Our proactive approach to safety extends beyond compliance with regulatory requirements. We actively engage with employees to solicit feedback and insights, leveraging their perspectives to identify areas for enhancement and implement targeted interventions.

Additionally, we prioritize ongoing training and development initiatives aimed at enhancing safety awareness and promoting a culture of accountability. Through interactive workshops, educational seminars, and hands-on simulations, we empower employees to take ownership of their safety and that of their colleagues.

In essence, our dedication to health and safety transcends mere rhetoric; it's a core value that permeates every aspect of our organizational culture. By putting words into action and fostering a proactive approach to safety, we ensure that our employees can thrive in an environment where their well-being is prioritized above all else.

Corporate Governance

Transparency, compliance, and accountability

Our governance model is built on the pillars of compliance, transparency, and accountability, ensuring that Kongsberg PCS operates with the highest ethical standards.


Adherence to compliance

We strictly adhere to legal and regulatory frameworks, ensuring integrity in all our operations.
Regular audits and compliance checks are integral to our governance.

Putting words into action: our organization goes above and beyond mere rhetoric by implementing a comprehensive program of mandatory compliancy tests for all leaders and employees on a quarterly basis. These tests cover crucial topics such as harassment, bribery, GDPR compliance, and work ethics, reinforcing our zero-tolerance policy towards harassment and corruption while ensuring adherence to data protection regulations.

By providing employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to recognize and address these issues, we foster a culture of accountability and integrity throughout our organization. These tests are not merely administrative tasks; they are essential tools for continuous improvement, allowing us to identify areas for enhancement and address any compliance gaps proactively.

Through regular training and assessment, we strive to uphold the highest standards of compliance and ethical behavior, reaffirming our commitment to ethical leadership and responsible business practices. By consistently turning our promises into tangible results through these compliancy tests, we build trust and confidence with our stakeholders, demonstrating our dedication to transparency, integrity, and corporate citizenship.


Commitment to transparency

At our core, we prioritize transparent communication with all stakeholders, establishing a foundation of trust and clarity in every facet of our business operations.

Putting words into action: we are dedicated to transforming promises into tangible results. This commitment is exemplified through our rigorous training programs, where every colleague is equipped with the knowledge and skills to conduct themselves with the utmost respect and integrity. Whether engaging with prospects, customers, or colleagues, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct.

By upholding these principles, we cultivate enduring relationships built on honesty, reliability, and accountability. Our dedication to transparency serves as a guiding beacon, ensuring that our actions consistently align with our words, and our values remain unwavering in every interaction.


Leadership and accountability

Our leadership is committed to upholding our ESG goals and setting a precedent for responsible business practices.

Putting words into action: We have implemented a robust system of checks and balances to ensure accountability at every level of decision-making.

Through transparent governance structures and clear lines of responsibility, we guarantee that our actions align with our ESG objectives, reflecting our dedication to sustainability and ethical conduct. Our leaders drive initiatives that promote environmental stewardship, social equity, and corporate governance, inspiring our organization to uphold the highest standards of integrity and accountability.

As we navigate the complexities of today's business landscape, our commitment to leadership and accountability remains unwavering, guiding us towards a future where sustainable practices are not just a goal but a shared reality.