The official Kongsberg PCS icon set contains all of the icons that are actively used in a whole slew of applications (e.g. presentations, web pages, software interfaces, etc.).

Here you can learn how to use them, the specs for creating new icons, or download the most recent set of approved icons.

Style & structure

The icons are designed on a base grid of 64 by 64 pixels. The actual icon itself should be roughly half the size of the base grid (via visual assessment).

The iconic(pun intended) Kongsberg PCS style is achieved by means of a fine, solid stroke of 1 pixel, with round corner joins and end caps. Fully filled-in blocks should be avoided. Right angles can alternate with rounded corners (with a radius of 4 pixels). Lines can and should be playfully disconnected with 4 pixel gaps between two end points.

Icons can only be set in Apricot Orange, Spruce Blue or white.

Brand guide: Icon grid

Approved icon set

Below you can preview and download the official, approved Kongsberg PCS icon set.

Brand guide: Blue icons