High-Power Milling Unit

Allows for milling, contour cutting, routing, drilling and engraving.

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What is it used for?

The High-Power Milling Unit (HPMU) allows for milling, contour cutting, routing, drilling and engraving. It’s suitable for high speed routing in a wide range of materials such as foamed PVC, solid PVC/ PS, acrylic, aluminum composite material (ACM), MDF, wood, ...

The 3 kW milling spindle offers fast feed rates, thus considerably eases the bottleneck that routing jobs often present. The spindle features 3 kW of milling power and speeds up to 60,000 RPM. It is liquid cooled in order to utilize its full power potential.

The HPMU includes a software function to supervise and monitor the spindle current, which is useful to adjust the feed rate and RPM settings for new materials.

  • High quality routing at high speed.
  • High power, liquid cooled motor.
  • Large range of specialized and balanced milling bits.
  • Very fast milling bit exchange.
  • foamed PVC
  • solid PVC/PS
  • acrylic
  • aluminum
  • composite material (ACM)
  • MDF
  • wood

The maximum material thickness that can be milled is 50 mm (2 in.). For milling thickness exceeding 25 mm (1 in.) it is beneficial to use milling bits with a shank size of 8 mm, used with an optional collet that can be interchanged with the standard 6 mm collet.

  • Kongsberg C (Edge)

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