Choose a flatbed router for rigid signage & displays

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The benefits of
flatbed routing tables

A Kongsberg flatbed to produce displays and signage offers a wide range of distinct benefits.

  • Perfect for short run production
  • Very short set-up time
  • Extraordinary throughput and speed
  • Process a wide array of materials with a wide range of versatile tools
Kongsberg C cutting corrugated
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5 ways to make money
with a Kongsberg cutting table

A routing table for signage

The Kongsberg X offers high quality signage routing and cutting, on a wide range of materials. The cutter offers a variety of specialty tools that bring power, speed and flexibility.

Use the Kongsberg X flatbed router to produce signage in materials like wood, plexi, solid board, foam and a long list of plastics...

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Kongsberg X Series
Kongsberg X with MultiCUT-HP

A water-cooled spindle for excellent routing

Central in considering sign making equipment is the throughput. The Kongsberg X can be equipped with a MultiCUT-HP (High Power) tool head.

The super-strong, water-cooled milling spindle delivers up to three times faster milling speeds. This 3kW high power spindle is a great choice for anyone working with heavy-duty materials (acrylic, wood, MDF, ACM...).

Choose a versatile flatbed router

Why look for a flatbed routing machine that limits your future options? If you want to expand your offerings, opt for a table that allows you to tackle other applications as well.

The Kongsberg X and the faster Kongsberg C routing tables take a whole range of dedicated tools for a wide range of applications. Whether your focus changes to signage, packaging or displays the Kongsberg X and Kongsberg C brings the best quality for any job or application.

Kongsberg C Branding
Free guide

5 ways to make money
with a Kongsberg cutting table

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