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Kongsberg tables unlock possibilities for Volta Belting

Three Kongsberg PCS machines enable conveyor belt specialist to meet demand while extending capabilities. Discover how Volta Belting uses its three Kongsberg tables to accurately and quickly produce its innovative conveyor belts.

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Meet customer demand for innovative designs


Deliver beautiful cut quality


Automated overnight operation

The perfect solution

The conveyor belts produced by the team at Volta are made of a homogeneous polyurethane material, which needs to be cut and welded together during production. “There are a lot of steps involved to go from the flat source material to a conveyor belt,” explained Erik Wolterink, Sales Manager. “We make the conveyors in our facility in the Netherlands to ship to distributors worldwide. Those belts come in custom sizes and so we invested in the Kongsberg cutting tables to enable us to deliver the perfect solution for our customers.”

We conducted a lot of tests and the results were so positive that we chose to invest in a Kongsberg solution.

Erik explained that the precision and power of the Kongsberg digital cutting tables is crucial for delivering accurate cuts on a range of substrates. “An example of something we couldn’t do before are funnels and any other shapes made out of the conveyor belt material,” he said. “The cutting table gives us the possibility to cut it beautifully.”

We let the cutter run at night, and when we come back the next morning, the job is done.

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Watch the video above to discover how the combination of the Kongsberg tables has helped Volta Belting Europe B.V. to extend its own capabilities and meet evolving customer demand!

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Volta Belting Europe B.V. is an international organization that develops, designs and produces high-quality conveyor belts. Since 1965, Volta Belting technology has made a major contribution to the way products are moved. The company pioneers production techniques and belt products, and is dedicated to serving industrial sectors from ceramic tile production, recycling and automotive to the ever-important food processing industry. Volta’s thermoplastic flat and positive driven belts have redefined hygienic food and non-food grade belting.

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