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Kongsberg C24 enables MELS to create without limitations

Packaging and POS specialist brings designs to life with Kongsberg table, while automated Feeder & Stacker boosts productivity.

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Empower designers to be more creative


Meet customer demand for short runs and fast turnaround


Automation further boosts productivity

Enabling creativity, boosting productivity

“Our customers wanted smaller runs and needed their products with a quick turnaround,” said Ilke Mels, CEO of MELS Packaging Innovation. “To be able to work without a die cut was necessary to make sure we could deliver those short runs quickly.”

We wanted more innovation and development. A cutting table was essential to make this idea a reality.

In our latest video, Ilke together with company designer and operator, Brent Nicolaes explains how the new Kongsberg C24 has helped MELS to bring designs to life. “For me as a designer, the cutting table is almost like a toy,” said Brent. “I can create without limitations, I can quickly cut a design to test it, and make adaptations and cut it again to take it further.”

When the cutter is configured and running, we as operators don’t need to be next to the machine - we can take care of other tasks.

Ilke also explains how the introduction of the automated Kongsberg Feeder & Stacker has boosted productivity for MELS. “When we start a job it’s easy to operate the feeder stacker,” she said. “We place a pallet with material, input all settings of the machine and then we push ‘go’ and the cutter starts by taking the materials, cutting them and stacking the results on another pallet.”

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Watch the video above to discover how the Kongsberg C24 with automated Feeder & Stacker has helped MELS be more creative, to experiment with new materials and to boost productivity!

About the customer

From its base in Temse, Belgium, MELS Packaging Innovation (MELS) specializes in production of top quality items ranging from product packaging to displays and POS. Specializing in luxury and bespoke packaging, MELS combines tradition, craftsmanship and the latest technology to create high-end products. For two generations, the family business has been a leading light when it comes to cardboard creations, serving its client base across Belgium.

The strong, expert team is constantly seeking out the optimum way to deliver the client's wishes, with well-thought out planning, flexibility, accurate pricing & quotes and an appropriate lead time all an integral part of the process.

When the business was looking for more flexibility in its workflow as well as to empower its designers to be more innovative in development, MELS invested in the Kongsberg C24 with automated Feeder & Stacker.

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