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Embamat reaps benefits of automation with Kongsberg C66, Feeder and Stacker

Embamat has installed the Kongsberg C66 complete with the Kongsberg automated Feeder and Stacker at its Barcelona facility. The acquisition of the largest in the Kongsberg C series of digital finishing tables is part of a strategic plan for significant investment in technology, to automate the plant and lead it towards Industry 4.0.

In this video, Esteve Amat, Embamat’s General Manager, discusses how the company was looking to improve productivity and efficiency in order to continue offering the highest quality and best service to its customers.

The combination of high-speed cutting with the automated board feeding ensured we were able to increase our overall production capacity.

Watch the short film above and discover how the combination of high-speed cutting with the automated board feeding and stacking enabled Embamat to increase overall throughput speed.

About The Customer

Embamat is one of Spain’s leading industrial packaging manufacturers, specializing in the manufacture of protective foams and packaging.

Expertise in solving the packaging requirements of its customers enables Embamat to provide added value through improving the packaging and preparation processes of their shipments, optimizing and making each stage of the supply chain more profitable.

When looking to install a new digital finishing table that was both strong enough to handle the toughest of jobs and that could consistently deliver the highest quality without compromising on speed, the Kongsberg C66 – with its build quality and reliability - was the clear choice.

Free Live Demo recording

Don't miss the Feeder & Stacker Live Demo, filmed in our Customer Experience Center in Ghent, Belgium. Watch our team in action showing you have the Kongsberg Automate board feeder and stacker is the perfect way to increase productivity and give your business a competitive edge.