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Kongsberg automation delivers continuous production for Bluejet

​Combination of cutting tables, automated feeders and stackers, and robotics enables round the clock operation to more than double productivity.

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​Full automation increases speed of production to cope with customer demand


Enables growth of business: more products, made quicker, more customers


​Introducing robotics further boosts productivity​

Speed & accuracy, with automated efficiency

In our latest video, Pawel explains how the combination of Kongsberg cutting tables and automated feeding and stacking has boosted not just productivity but also efficiency at Bluejet – without any compromise on quality or accuracy.

He explains how with full automation throughout its production, the Bluejet team is now significantly faster than ever before. “We can work three shifts on it, five days, six days; sometimes when we have huge orders, even seven days per week - without any problem.”

If you want to boost your production, you have to look to automation. The amount of time that we were losing in loading and unloading was very big, sometimes about 60% per day. Today we don't have this problem.

“We started just with a small plotter, but today we have huge machines,” said Pawel. “Bluejet is one of the biggest companies in Poland today. We have the biggest capacity, and we can create many different products for our clients.”

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Watch the video above to discover how the combination of the Kongsberg C64 and C66 tables with automated Feeder & Stacker and robotics has helped Bluejet meet growing customer demands, boost productivity and expand its product portfolio.

About the customer

For more than 20 years, Bluejet has been producing a range of high quality signage, display and packaging solutions for its customers, from ideation and prototyping through to production and logistics. With a focus on combining its excellent team with new technologies, all production takes place in a modern, automated plant in Gdańsk, Poland. The company bought its first Kongsberg table in 2012, after investing in an Inca Onset S20 printer and being unable to cut the enormous resultant product manually.

In the decade since, the facility has expanded to include two flagship Kongsberg C64 tables with automated Feeder & Stackers, and two Kongsberg C66 tables with robotics to deliver fully automated production. Pawel Kaczorowski, Director of Bluejet, explained to us how after starting life as a small operation, this automation has helped Bluejet evolve into one of Poland’s biggest companies.

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