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Banim builds success on reliability of Kongsberg tables

Easy-to-use, flexible and powerful Kongsberg PCS machines help company boost productivity while reducing costs.

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Stability & performance with reduced costs


Improved capacity & throughput


Excellent service & support

Stability that enables additional capacity

From its 7,000 m2 facility, 65 dedicated employees work on production for different sectors, ensuring that every part is meticulously manufactured, assembled, tested and packaged for shipment. Banim has an impressive machine park, which combines with the experience, passion and dedication of its professional production team, to deliver everything from cardboard and large format printing through to metal processing & welding and assembly & packaging.

When it comes to Kongsberg, we have the stability where we don't have to think at all about how the machine will behave.

“With the Kongsberg XP Auto machines working non-stop for three years, we processed approximately 250,000 sheets of material, or in square meters, about a million-and-a-half square meters of cardboard,” said Boban Djurovic, CEO at Banim. “With the C64, we handle an additional 160 sheets per hour - and that's without automation! Our decision and plan for the next year is investing in automation, which we calculate will deliver an additional 30 per cent boost in capacity”.

The equipment is easy to use, it's flexible, high quality and reliable.

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Based in Kraljevo, Serbia, Banim Branding Businesses started life in 2000 when a group of young entrepreneurs founded the company as an advertising agency. Banim soon developed from its origins delivering radio commercials, video services and graphic preparation for printing, expanding into delivering illuminated signage and vehicle vinyls. In 2006 the company moved into large format printing, acquiring its first digital printer before moving into its own, specialized production facilities two years later. The acquisition of powerful digital cutting solutions opened up a new chapter in the development of Banim, and the company now offers a one-stop-shop for brands when it comes to making an unforgettable visual impact on their consumers, with a focus on delivering eye-catching POS displays.

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