Shining a light on the CorruSpeed Tool!

April 5, 2024

If you’ve ever said “let there be light!” then today is your lucky day. In our latest video, our Application Specialist Filip van Bruaene shows us how the Kongsberg CorruSpeed Tool combines with the Kongsberg X table to bring a fantastic lampshade design to life.

The CorruSpeed Tool is developed for cutting corrugated board at high speeds without oscillating, achieving significant time savings on many corrugated boards, even those with recycled content. Watch now and discover how the CorruSpeed Tool operates with a crushing cup, which in combination with controlled down pressure makes it possible to use a drag knife without tearing or cracking the liner.

Check out the short video and see for yourself how the combination of the CorruSpeed Tool and Kongsberg X table makes light work of bringing this lampshade design to life:

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