Non-Slip Underlays for Routing: perfect for holding small pieces in place

March 28, 2024

When working with small pieces in a routing process, maintaining their position can be challenging.

Solution: Thin Non-Slip Underlay

Using a thin (3mm) non-slip underlay, often referred to as a sticky mat, on top of a standard felt milling mat provides significant advantages.

Properties of the Non-Slip Underlay
  • Sticky Surface: The mat has a sticky surface, enhancing its grip.
  • Porous Texture: Its porous nature ensures good vacuum flow and hold-down capability.
  • Compression Feature: When the vacuum is activated, the mat compresses slightly. This causes the workpiece to be pulled down a few microns.
Enhanced Workpiece Fixation:

This compression creates a "dyke" around the workpiece, leading to improved fixation. This feature is particularly useful in securing the workpiece during the routing process, providing both stability and precision.

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