Unleashing Creativity: The Tale of a 3D Corrugated Dinosaur

June 2, 2023

Explore the creative process with our talented specialist, Filip, as he showcases the intricate journey of bringing a 3D model of a dinosaur to life. Each step, from model design to precise cardboard cutting using our Kongsberg X machine, is meticulously executed. Witness the transformation as the dinosaur gradually takes form before your very eyes. Get inspired and explore endless possibilities. Watch the video now and unleash your creativity!


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Precision Cutting

Our CorruSpeed tool is designed specifically for high-speed digital finishing of corrugated board without oscillating. The CorruSpeed tool simulates the crushing effect of conventional die cutting, resulting in cleaner, more accurate cuts without burrs. It produces a precise, crisp edge finish even at the highest speeds and smoothly cuts a wide variety of corrugated board types up to 7 mm double wall BC flutes. The tool achieves significant time savings on many corrugated boards, even with a high-recycled content.

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CorruSpeed Tool


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