How can you improve the routing of small pieces?

November 6, 2023

Routing small piecesEfficient routing of small pieces is essential for precision and productivity. Here are three practical steps to optimize your routing process:

  1. Non-Slip Underlay: Start by using a non-slip underlay on your table bed. This simple addition prevents small pieces from shifting during routing, ensuring stability and accuracy.
  2. Adjust the Router Brush: To reduce friction on routed samples or small pieces, move the router brush upwards. This adjustment minimizes contact with the materials, ensuring a smooth routing experience.
  3. Vacuum Extrusion Control: Fine-tune your routing setup by lowering the vacuum extrusion of the vacuum cleaning system. This adjustment prevents small pieces from being inadvertently sucked into the vacuum, ensuring they remain securely in place during routing.

By implementing these basic measures, you can enhance the routing of small pieces, maintaining precision, and streamlining your workflow.

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