A heavy duty tool made for cutting a large range of foam materials.

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What is it used for?

The Foam Head is a heavy duty tool made for cutting a large range of foam materials up to 86 mm (3 ⅜ in.) thickness. These types of foam are typically used in the protective packaging industry.

The FoamHead is a reciprocating knife designed with characteristics optimal for low density porous material. It runs at a frequency of 4,800 strokes per minute and at amplitude of 4 mm. The great Z-axis control gives an advantage when cutting foam because it ensures consistent partial cut, which is very important with manyfoam designs.

Support wheels safeguard the user from the sharp blades and improve cutting abilities by applying pressure on top of the foam material.

Foam materials can normally be converted at a speed up to about 15 m/min with this tool depending on material quality. A wide range of blades also makes it suitable for honeycomb and fluted core board.

The FoamHead requires a high traverse clearance

  • Perfect for cutting a wide range of foam materials at high speed.
  • Large range of specially designed blades for versatility.
  • Support wheels to hold the material down
  • polyethylene foam
  • expanded polystyrene
  • fluted core board
  • paper honeycomb board

Please note that some foam materials have a tendency to melt and stick to the knife. Materials with open cells might require additional support to hold down the material.

  • Kongsberg X (Edge)

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