Dual heavy duty unit

The Dual Heavy Duty Unit makes it possible to cut, crease and perforate a single job without the need to change tools.

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What is it used for?

The Dual Heavy-Duty Tool Unit (Dual HDU) offers the possibility to crease, perforate, and cut V-notch and straight lines at high speeds with a variety of adapters. This ensures superior performance on heavy-duty material such as double wall, triple wall and recycled board, as well as the latest environmental boards.

It features 150 mm (6 in.) diameter crease wheels with a scoring pressure equivalent to 50 kg (110 lbs); sufficient to crease triple and double wall corrugated with heavy liners. The large-size wheels also provide superior crease quality on recycled corrugated board, as a higher pressure can be applied without the risk of cracking the liner.

The Dual HDU has a separate position for 60 mm wheels that facilitate creasing, perforation and tear lines through board up to 6 mm (¼ in.) without the need to change tools. Combining two independent wheels will significantly improve productivity.

The Dual HDU can offer V-notch cutting, with mitered corners and extremely precise folds for loading pallets, and container cushioning pieces, and paper core board displays.

  • 50 kg -110 lbs down force.
  • Separate holder for 60 mm perforation wheels.
  • Powerful head rotation.
  • Large variation of V-notch tools (multiple angles).
  • HD knife tools.
  • all sorts of corrugated boards up to triple wall and including high recycled content
  • paper core board
  • honeycomb
  • corrugated plastic
  • foam board
  • Kongsberg C (Edge)
  • iPC version 2.3 or higher

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