New Kongsberg C68 Exact sets exceptional new standards for precision in very large format drafting and cutting

March 5, 2024

Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems (Kongsberg PCS) has unveiled its latest innovation, a state-of-the-art, very large format digital drawing and light cutting machine that sets new standards in precision.

Kongsberg C68 ExactThe new Kongsberg C68 Exact drafting and cutting machine has been specifically developed for industries demanding the utmost accuracy, such as the aviation, aerospace or adjacent precision-focused sectors, and combines the deep legacy of the company with the latest in cutting-edge technology.

“Built for those sectors with extremely high expectations of accuracy combined with a large area, the Kongsberg C68 Exact sets a new standard for precision in very large format drawing and light cutting,” said Stuart Fox, CEO & President of Kongsberg PCS. “With this latest innovation, we are realizing our stated ambition of exploring new markets and delivering on our objective of further developing our digital solutions to grow the Kongsberg brand beyond the print and packaging industries.”

Designed to meet the particular demands of very accurate drafting and cutting, the C68 Exact delivers extremely high-quality drawing and plotting with fiber or ball point pen tools, on paper and other smooth surfaces. With a special vacuum drilling pattern and smooth surface treatment, the tabletop facilitates extra-precise drawing and light cutting.

“We developed a completely new production process to ensure the very highest accuracy and repeatability values to meet or surpass the strictest aerospace requirements,” explained Stuart. “During the Factory Acceptance Test process, every Kongsberg C68 Exact machine is systematically measured with a laser interferometer to ensure it delivers the required accuracy.”

Based on the powerful market-leading Kongsberg C platform of cutting tables, the Kongsberg C68 Exact is also capable of precisely cutting paper-based materials, plastics, or other flexible materials, boasting an impressive surface measuring 3210 x 6400mm (126.37 x 252in). Primarily designed to meet the exacting standards and requirements of the aviation industry, the new Kongsberg C68 Exact can be used across a range of very large format production, including masking films, polyester sheets, PVC films, flexible foils and drafting paper.

“Much like the recently launched Kongsberg Ultimate, the new Kongsberg C68 Exact drafting and light cutting table builds directly on our 60-plus year legacy of developing machines that set new standards in their field,” said Stuart. “All of the Kongsberg know-how of accurately converting materials is combined in this machine.”

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