Kongsberg PCS showcases power, performance and versatility with FOUR Kongsberg and MultiCam machines at ISA Expo

March 13, 2023

Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems (‘Kongsberg PCS’) will highlight the power, performance and versatility of its Kongsberg and MultiCam solutions when it showcases four of its market-leading machines at this year’s ISA International Sign Expo in Las Vegas.

From April 12-14, the world’s first diversified provider of digital finishing and CNC cutting machines will demonstrate the capabilities of its flagship Kongsberg C64 system, its modular Kongsberg X24 table and its best-in-class MultiCam APEX Series routers to visitors at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

“This is our largest ever presence at the ISA Expo, and we can’t wait to show everyone what we have in store from our 4,000 square feet booth,” said Matt Thackray, VP & General Manager of Kongsberg PCS operations in America. “Our team will be running live demos of all four machines throughout the day, ensuring all visitors have the chance to witness in person the precision, speed and consistency each delivers.

Kongsberg C“Our Kongsberg C series is the first multifunction super-wide digital finisher for signage and display applications, and the C64 is our flagship model,” said Matt. “More than 50 years of technical expertise and innovation has created the most popular cutting systems for sign manufacturers – digital solutions that can handle even the toughest materials while delivering unerring precision. The team will demonstrate how digital finishing is automatically easier, with the systems having the ability to be automated for a variety of materials - whether it’s in workflow, material handling or tooling swaps - minimizing human error and improving efficiency and productivity,” he said.

“With the range of available tooling combinations, businesses can manufacture any variety of signs quickly and easily while being confident in achieving the best quality of final product,” said Matt. “At ISA, we’ll not only demonstrate its power and precision, but also how productivity is boosted with the roll feeder, maximizing throughput while eliminating costly misalignment errors.”

The Kongsberg PCS team will also be delivering continuous demos of its Kongsberg X24, easily the most versatile digital finishing device on the market. “In today’s volatile market, where both customer demands and capabilities of technology change rapidly, it is important to invest in equipment that offers the flexibility to grow in-line with business needs,” said Matt. “The X24 delivers this, not just through its wide range of applications but also because it is a cutting table that can evolve via an initial X24 Edge system investment. Packed with a wide range of specialty tools, the system offers speed, power and flexibility to handle a wide variety of materials and can easily be upgraded as a business grows.

Best-in-class MultiCam CNC machines
MultiCam Apex 3R“At this year’s expo we will showcase the incredible MultiCam Apex 3R CNC router, demonstrating how businesses benefit from a number of features standard with the machine that they might normally only get when buying much more expensive routers,” added Matt. “It features a heavy, all-steel tube frame that ensures durability and makes it more rigid, which reduces vibration and improves routing quality.

“The Apex 3R includes the EZ Control operator interface so users can start routing right away and have minimal interruption in work processes, while a three-axis motion control system gives tight control over routing quality for precision and quality cutting.”

The impressive Apex 3R will be kitted out with the MultiCam High Speed Kinetic Blower and iVision Dust Collection system, to highlight the efficiency and operational gains that businesses can look forward to enjoying.

“We’re excited to bring our market-leading Apex 1R to ISA too,” he said. “Designed for smaller businesses or shops but still offering the same great performance you expect from a MultiCam router, it is constructed from a single-piece welded steel frame along with an aircraft-quality steel gantry. The super-robust Apex 1R also features cast gantry supports which greatly dampen vibrations. We look forward to showing ISA visitors how the helical racks on each axis provide smooth motion and tight control for precise and quality cutting.”

Live demonstrations of the MultiCam machines will highlight the power, simplicity and accuracy of cutting and routing a range of materials including acrylic, aluminum, sign foam/precision board, canvas and PVC.  “Some of our demos will include mix media layering and thread milling, showing the ease of combining materials such as acrylic, aluminum, and sign foam,” said Matt. “We’re all excited for this year’s ISA Expo and look forward to welcoming visitors to our booth.”

To see the Kongsberg C64, Kongsberg X24, MultiCam APEX 3R and MultiCam APEX 1R in action, or to discuss digital finishing solutions, visit Matt and the Kongsberg PCS team at booth #1239 at this year’s ISA Expo.

For more on the entire range of digital finishing solutions and tools visit www.Kongsbergsystems.com. 
For more on the complete range of CNC routing and tools from MultiCam, visit www.multicam.com.