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Combination of Kongsberg C and X tables boosts productivity for Gelria

Gasket and rubber specialist now able to handle more jobs and improve delivery times since introducing Kongsberg cutting tables - resulting in a positive impact on its revenue!

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Having purchased a first Kongsberg X table in 2017, Roel Sadelaar, owner of Gelria Pakking, said the impact on the business had been immediate. With that machine still meeting the business’ needs and, in Roel’s words, “making the job fun”, the business was looking to increase capacity and throughput to meet the changing demands of the market. Following a visit to the Kongsberg PCS customer experience center to watch the flagship Kongsberg C series in action, Roel said Gelria decided to add the automated C series to the production line.

Every week we produce jobs on this cutting table that we haven’t done before.

“We work with a lot of different materials, with different hardness and thicknesses,” said Roel. “All those settings are saved in the Kongsberg. A colleague who doesn’t work that often with a cutting table can just click on the material and the system will automatically load the cutting settings.”

Since the purchase of the new cutting machines, we have seen a big increase in revenue.

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Watch the video above to discover how the combination of the Kongsberg X and Kongsberg C tables has helped Gelria Pakking BV to boost throughput and drive productivity!

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Now in its 90th year, Gelria Pakking BV is a renowned expert in the field of gaskets, seals and related rubber and plastic products. Based in Enschede, the Netherlands, the company delivers high quality products to more than 1,600 customers all over the world in the industrial, electronic and medical sectors. With extensive knowledge and experience, the fourth-generation family business ensures its customers not only have the correct gasket for each application, but also that each product is manufactured to the very highest quality. With run lengths of jobs becoming shorter and cut shapes became more complex, Gelria installed a Kongsberg X and more recently a Kongsberg C digital cutting table at the heart of production.

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