Bring this cool 3D corrugated penguin design to life

May 2, 2024

We know you love making cool designs a reality using your Kongsberg – and so do we! That’s why our Application Specialist Filip van Bruaene has shot this latest video, showing just how easy it was to make a new friend for our office mascot “Max Junior” from corrugated material.

With a combination of the Kongsberg X24 table and some specialist tools - the Kongsberg Creasing Wheel, CorruSpeed Knife tool and Ballpoint Pen tool – Filip shows how you can easily crease and cut all the elements of the penguin design. Just to make things even easier, he can even mark each segment that needs to be glued – and also the order they need to be attached to one another!

It makes the whole process simple, meaning Filip is able to make this cool design without “flipping out”! Check it out below and be inspired by Kongsberg:

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