Get Inspired: Fall in love with your Kongsberg with this beautiful Valentine’s design!

February 14, 2023

It’s the time of year where love is in the air – and here at Kongsberg PCS HQ, we love nothing more than showing off the precision of our cutting solutions! To mark Valentine’s Day this year, our Customer Experience Center Manager Jesse Allmyer has created a beautiful shadow box using our specialist Psaligraphy Tool.

Check out the short video now and see for yourself how simple it is to deliver the type of delicate and precise cuts that will make you fall in love with the Kongsberg digital cutting solution.

“We’re able to take something as simple as linen textured card stock - or craft paper – and turn it into something beautiful,” said Jesse. “Using the Kongsberg C24 table with vinyl underlay, we can make all the precise cuts using the Kongsberg Psaligraphy Tool with Accuracy Mode set to 200ipm.”

Made with love - and six cut files
“It’s so simple, but so effective,” said Jesse. “We have a total of six cut files, with one for each color of craft paper that we then use to build our Valentine shadow box,” said Jesse. “With quick and easy set-up using the iPC (i-cut Production Console) each of the designs is individually cut on the C24.”

The specialist Kongsberg Psaligraphy Tool has specifically been designed for detailed fine line cutting, and the combination of this with integrated tool measuring, sheet measure and edge recognition, ensures total accuracy even for the most delicate of cuts.

“Assembly is a cinch, with adhesive strips attached to the back of each paper layer,” he said, “and the whole piece is easily finished in a foam board frame to deliver a shadow box made with love.”

Watch the video now and fall in love with the precision of the Kongsberg C24!

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