Why use C2 coated routing bits & knife blades?

December 14, 2023

The C2 coating technology provides an exceptionally hard, smooth, and durable surface. This results in a remarkable 60% reduction in friction compared to standard DLC coatings, enhancing efficiency. The C2 coated bits all have a C2 number, so it’s easy to order them from the Store.

  • Sharper Edges with Thinner Coating: the leaner coating design ensures sharper edges for more precise cuts.
  • Minimized Friction for Optimal Performance:
  • Enhanced Hold-Down Effect: reduced friction means decreased lift and pull during milling, especially with small pieces, maximizing vacuum hold-down efficiency.
  • Smoother Cutting, Lower Power Use: enjoy smoother cutting with less power consumption due to the decreased friction.
  • Extended Tool Life and Increased Productivity:
  • Significantly Longer Lifespan: tools coated with C2 can last up to six times longer, offering remarkable longevity.
  • Enhanced Surface Finish: noticeably improved surface finishes, contributing to increased productivity, particularly in critical sign applications.
  • 100% Biocompatible Coating: the C2 coating is fully biocompatible, making it safe for use in food, medical, and dental industries. It's completely harmless to the environment, aligning with eco-friendly practices.

https://store.kongsbergsystems.com/s/product/bldsr6223-c2/01t09000001vPAiAAM?language=en_US https://store.kongsbergsystems.com/s/product/bitmus06200650c2/01t09000001vIBKAA2?language=en_US 
Long-life Tungsten carbide blade. Works well with
most types of corrugated board. C2-coated for longer life time. Buy here.
Multi purpose, up-cut, single flute, Special variety of multi purpose milling bit, premium coating for better performance and life time in different materials like aluminum and ACM. Helix 30 degree. C2 coated for longer life time. Buy here.


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