Bevel Knife Tool

For a 45° slanted cut for v-notching or single through cutting

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What is it used for?

The HD Bevel Knife tool creates 45° slanted cuts for v-notching or single through cutting.

This tool is specially designed for creating v-notch folding lines in solid board (grey board) materials, using the special developed knife blade BLD-SF245. It creates perfect and sharp 90° folds in materials that cannot typically be folded with conventional crease tools.


  • Perfect 45° slanted folding lines in thin materials


  • solid board
  • display board
  • the max cutting depth is 6-7 mm
Suitable knife blades
  • Kongsberg X (Edge), Kongsberg C (Edge)
  • iPC version 2.1 or higher

Discover how it works

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