Customized workstation

The Kongsberg Ultimate offers a personalized touch with an adjustable worktop, convenient storage trays, and even a Qi phone charger. Ensuring every operator feels right at home.

User-friendly Interface

Equipped with a new touchscreen, the digital buttons are large and intuitive, streamlining operations and enhancing user-friendliness.

Ergonomic design

Designed with the operator in mind, tools, controls, and essential equipment are all within arm's reach, ensuring seamless workflow and reduced strain.

Protection & organization

An integrated storage system not only ensures tools are kept organized but also safeguards them, extending their lifespan. Plus, with a dedicated bin for used blades, recycling becomes safer and more efficient.

Adaptable to your needs

The Kongsberg Ultimate is flexible by design. It can be tailored to align with any environment, ensuring optimal alignment with your specific needs and layout.