Productivity with intelligent sequencing

Developed specifically for i-cut Production Console 3.0, our new sequencing module is designed to boost both productivity and energy savings.

Algorithmic excellence

The heart of the sequencing module is a state-of-the-art algorithm that optimizes cutting routes for faster and more efficient production.

Automation meets manual control

While the system leans into automation for maximum efficiency, operators have the freedom to override with manual controls, ensuring the flexibility to adapt to unique requirements.

Sustainable efficiency

With more direct cutting routes, wear and tear is reduced and energy efficiency is enhanced. Not only are production times shorter, but the operation becomes greener.

Record productivity

On its own, the Kongsberg Ultimate excels with a 31% productivity increase over Kongsberg’s previous best. When paired with the Intelligent sequencing module, this figure can skyrocket to a staggering 57% more productivity.