Acceleration meets innovation

The in-house designed Kongsberg PrecisionDrive™ is a infinite linear direct drive system with a rack and pinion setup.

Direct drive advantage

A game-changing direct drive technology, exclusive to the industry, propelling machines with up to 2.7G acceleration and peak cutting speeds of over 165 m/min.

Maintenance & durability

Benefit from fewer moving components ensuring minimal maintenance and a robust Z-axis brushless motor, ensuring power and efficient heat regulation.

Enhanced workspace experience

Experience a huge reduction in noise, providing a quieter, more comfortable working environment.

Control at its best

Our all-new in-house control system, underpinned by an EtherCAT backbone, ensures smooth operations.

Why acceleration matters

For bulk corrugated production, it's the swiftness of acceleration that takes the crown over mere top speed. In multi-batch continuous production, quick acceleration is the key to efficiency.