The Celero 4 Series


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Reduce operator intervention with automation

Reduce operator intervention with innovative automatic bit and knife changers. The linear knife tool changer allows you to automate your knife changing and eliminate costly errors of m anual operations.

The optional Auto Router Bit Changer comes with the ability to load 5 different router bits to be changed without operator intervention. For jobs requiring multiple router bits, like 3D engraving of acrylic.

Smooth cut
Powerful routing for premium quality on the hardest of materials

The Celero 4 Series features a 3HP, 24,000 RPM spindle which allows for a wide range of routing applications. Whether routing acry lic, dibond or any other dense substrates, you will experience quality cuts part after part. There is also a 4HP spindle available!

Accurate cutting, every time

The MultiVision camera inspection system provides end-users additional flexibility. The camera system is able to visually recognize media registration marks and automatically compensa te for skew and/or image drift.

Fluted Core Board
Go wide with the 3 m (10 ft) material conveyor

The Celero 4 Series comes equipped with a conveyor capable of handling up to 3 m (10 ft) flexible media. The conveyor is wide enough to handle oversized substrates u p to 3x2 m (10x6.6 ft). It can be used for cutting single pieces or multiple runs for applications like banners, labels, packaging, or textiles.

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