Kongsberg C Edge

Exceptional quality
at a remarkable price

Enter the world of 24/7 digital finishing with an upgradeable version of the Kongsberg C.
The same robust platform prepared for your future.

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The perfect addition to your business

The Kongsberg C Edge, the newest cutting table in the Kongsberg C Series, is ideal for all your sign and corrugated production.

Step up your productivity with its high speed (75m/min) and acceleration (1G), and astound your customers with impressive, high quality results and fast turnarounds.

As your company grows, the Kongsberg C Edge evolves with you and can be easily upgraded in both speed and acceleration.

Kongsberg C Edge

Kongsberg C Edge for:

Signage Production

Produce using a wide range of materials
Fewer manual tool changes with extra fast tool position
Consistent milling accuracy
Available with or without conveyor

Corrugated Production

Powerhead for heavy duty production with 50kg downforce
High quality crease lines with 150mm crease wheel
Corruspeed for cut quality excellence at 100% speed
Available with or without conveyor

Superior engineering & build quality

Working with a Kongsberg cutting table means that you don’t have to choose between speed, precision or production power. The engineering of the rack & pinion drive, the construction of the table top, the quality of the motors and the traverse: they all ensure that the table provides you with the greatest cutting accuracy and consistency.

Upgrade the Kongsberg C Edge for even more speed & throughput

As your company grows, the Kongsberg C Edge evolves with you. The table can be easily field-upgraded in both speed and acceleration to a full-fledged Kongsberg C.

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Kongsberg C cutting corrugated

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