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Kongsberg Ultimate 

7 ways the Kongberg Ultimate radically changes corrugated & POP display production

Maximize your productivity with the Kongsberg Ultimate: the game-changing new digital cutting platform.

With corrugated converters and POP display manufacturers around the world under increasing pressure to produce better, faster, safer - and more efficiently - the Kongsberg Ultimate represents a quantum leap forward in technology, delivering unprecedented levels of productivity, precision and safety.

With its innovative drive technology that delivers an acceleration rate of up to 2.74G and a remarkable cutting speed of 168 meters per minute, the Kongsberg Ultimate addresses the unique challenges faced by corrugated converters involved in continuous high volume multi-batch production.

In our new eBook, we take a close look at this groundbreaking innovation and highlight 7 ways the Kongsberg Ultimate brings you a quicker ROI, delivers unparalleled productivity, boosts your profits AND is safer on the shop floor!

Discover how to maximize your productivity!