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Kongsberg Complete is a combination of a cutting table + tools + peace of mind.
In short: everything you need to get started right away.

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What is Kongsberg Complete?

‘Kongsberg Complete’ is a new concept where customers can invest in a bundle of a Kongsberg cutting table and options for an attractive price.

The bundle includes a set of essential tools to get started in the segment of your choice. It also includes a voucher to buy and experiment with a whole range of bits and blades so you can expand your knowledge!

Kongsberg Complete also includes an additional one year cover to ensure continuous assistance for 24 months.


Want to know more about the Kongsberg Complete bundle?

Kongsberg Promo
Kongsberg C: the widest range of tools for all applications and all substrates

When you invest in a Kongsberg C or Kongsberg X cutting table2, you get:

  • A segment specific tool pack at 50%
    Get the tools you need at a 50% reduction! You can choose from 3 different tool sets: signage, soft signage and packaging production. Always have the right tools to get started with production right away.
  • 12 months extra cover
    An additional one year cover to ensure continuous assistance for 24 months.
  • €500 voucher to spend on bits and blades
    Get comfortable with the immense flexibility of Kongsberg cutting solutions. Try new bits and blades or just stock some extra knives, blades and/or bits.

Want to know more about the Kongsberg Complete bundle?

What are ‘Segment specific tool packs’?

There are three different tool sets. One for soft signage, one for signage (with milling) and one for packaging production.

Just choose the tool set you need to get going in the segment of your choice and get the tools at 50% off!

Flexible Signage Tool Pack

RotaCut Tool
Rigid Material Knife Tool
Fast Tool Adapter (C only)
Roll Feeder
Waste Bin

Signage Tool Pack

Milling Unit
Fast Tool Adapter (C only)
Heavy-Duty Unit (C only)

Open Box
Packaging Tool Pack

CorruSpeed Tool
Fast Tool Adapter (C only)
Dual Heavy-Duty Unit (C only)

(1) The Kongsberg Complete promo is currently not available in the US.

(2) Does not apply to the X Edge or C Edge.