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Kongsberg X Series

Perfect for producing packaging, displays & signage

The Kongsberg X cutting tables are the most versatile solutions on the market. No matter what materials you use in your packaging, signage or display production, the Kongsberg X will meet the challenge and deliver perfect quality.

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Kongsberg X Series

Dedicated tools for signage, displays & packaging

The application kits for the Kongsberg X make it easy to get started with the right configuration for your business. Additionally, the freedom of upgrade options makes the possibilities almost limitless.

The Kongsberg X for Production is specially configured for the production of signage, displays and packaging.

  • Great quality for any job or application
  • Ability to add a conveyor system to support automated board & roll feeding
  • A variety of milling options to match your throughput requirements
  • Perfect print-to-cut registration, even in cases of heavy distortion and jobs longer than the table
Kongsberg X for Production: MultiCUT-HP for milling
Kongsberg X: MultiCUT-HP toolhead

Produce jobs on a wide range of rigid materials

Outfit the Kongsberg X cutting table with the tools that fit your workflow. The MultiCUT-HP, for instance, is a powerful toolhead for the production of signage on rigid materials!

The MultiCUT-HP (High Power) is equipped with a super-strong, water-cooled milling spindle delivering up to three times faster milling speeds. The 3kW high power spindle is a great choice for shops that need extended milling duty-cycles and/or who work extensively with heavy-duty materials such as thick sheets of acrylic, wood/MDF and aluminum composite material.

See the Kongsberg X in action!

In this video you can see for yourself how the Kongsberg X handles high-powered milling of foamed PVC sheets, ACM (Aluminum Composite Material), acrylic, MDF (Medium-density fibreboard), and plywood.

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