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Easy to operate – The Kongsberg X24 is used by the entire team at Cartonlab to experiment, create and innovate.


Great investment – within 3 years the company saw complete return on investment and significantly reduced the number of outsourced jobs.


Increased creativity - prototyping large scale projects for international clients is now much easier and quicker, enabling more creativity and experimentation.

Innovation, creativity and lots and lots of experimentation!

When we visited the team at Cartonlab, what struck us most was the overwhelming impression of creativity throughout the facility! Everyone from the production team operating the Kongsberg X24 to the company owners and the designers, it was clear that Cartonlab was a place of innovation and experimentation, and the digital cutting table was at the center of this.

The Kongsberg cutting table for our design team is like a toy. Everyone here knows how to use it and they use it freely for innovation. Whatever idea they have, they design it in the computer and in a few minutes they can have it in real scale, try it and improve it.

As co-owner and chief architect Ignacio “Nacho” Bautista Ruiz tells us in this video interview, the Kongsberg X24 is not only a great business tool that delivered a complete return on investment within 3 years but it is easy to use, drives prototyping for large scale international projects and is the driver behind the company’s online store of unique designs and products.

About The Customer

Cartonlab is an ecodesign firm created in 2010 and was founded by Moho Architect Studio. It specializes in designs produced in cardboard for a variety of projects. The company, based in Murcia Spain, is led by Carlos Abadía Suanzes-Carpegna, Ignacio Bautista Ruiz and Pablo García Mora.

With architecture at its core, this small independent company discovered the enormous potential of a using cardboard in creative and innovate ways. Over the past 12 years, the company has grown internationally to provide large scale exhibition designs, unique retail and display spaces to innovative designs for its online store, which boasts over 100 different designs, all made to order.

Spending a day with Cartonlab was not only fun and informative but very inspirational – the team is clearly dedicated to driving creativity in a sustainable way, all with the help of its Kongsberg X24.

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Finding the balance between creativity and sustainability