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High speed cutting of corrugated materials

The CorruSpeed tool simulates the crushing effect of conventional die cutting, resulting in cleaner, more accurate cuts without burrs. It produces a precise, crisp edge finish even at the highest speeds and smoothly cuts a wide variety of corrugated board types up to 7 mm double wall BC flutes.

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The benefits of using the CorruSpeed tool:

High speed

Cutting corrugated board at highest speeds (in most cases the full machine speed: up to 100 m/min).

Smooth cut

The smoothest cut available from digital finishing. The tool doesn’t oscillate as with conventional corrugated tooling so that means no ragged edges, no matter the speed.

Pre-crushed edges

Pre-crushed edges: the CorruSpeed tool cutting lines provide a die-like finish.


Extended life of the underlay: Oscillating tools by nature are quite abrasive to cutting underlays, that is no longer a concern with the CorruSpeed tool.

Ready to achieve cleaner
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